Cornerstone Church workday, August 5, 2017


On an overcast  ay in early august, following removal of trees and scrub on the Bowsher HS side of the cemetery, we were pleased to welcome volunteers from Cornerstone Church on August 5, 2017.


Armed with weed whackers, chainsaws, loppers and lots of energy, the group of six from Cornerstone helped volunteers from the cemetery reclamation project with ongoing projects.


The group cleared some of the trees left by T&J, probed for markers at the back of the cemetery and cleared and area on the west side of the cemetery in anticipation of a path and Swan Creek overlook.


Thank you to Josh Luck, Josh Venia, Adam Branson, Joshua Cunning, Dan and isabella Trobley from Cornerstone Curch and to Carol Nagy, Scott Laurie and Mike and Skyler Young from the Cemetery Reclamation Project.














Overlook access on completion

Bowsher HS side on completion

Working to clear trees on  Bowsher HS side

Working to clear access for overlook

From rear before clearing

From rear after workday