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Work days and Projects

Work days for 2017 will begin in April and run through October. The work days will concentrate on resetting markers and probing for new ones. We will continue with  work around the boundary of the Old cemetery.



Bylaws and Strategic Plans

We have a set of bylaws and Strategic Plans for each area of our work. The committee adopted the documents produced so far in October 2013; other areas are currently being worked on.


Goals for each area of work are as follows:


Cemetery Preservation


GOAL 1: Locate and preserve grave makers

GOAL 2: Preserve and enhance the landscaping in Toledo State Hospital Cemeteries

GOAL 3: Improve the accessibility of cemeteries

GOAL 4: Improve the appeal of cemeteries

GOAL 5:  Create and maintain memorials and other informational enhancements


Research and Records


GOAL 6: To explore and preserve the history of Toledo State Hospital and those who received treatment, lived and worked there


Community Education and Awareness


GOAL 7:  To educate the community about Toledo State Hospital and those interred in its cemeteries

GOAL 8: To educate the community and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, disability and addiction issues

GOAL 9: Develop the Archives Room into a public, permanent Toledo State Hospital Museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, and interpretation of artifacts and documents related to the history of the Toledo State Hospital




GOAL 10:  Create new revenue streams to support the cemetery maintenance and enhancements contained in the Strategic Plan




For a full copy of the Bylaws, click here.

For a full copy of the Strategic Plans, click here.

TSHCRP is a grass roots organization that welcomes donations to support of our efforts to restore the State Hospital cemeteries. Tax deductible donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo. For more details see our Donating page.





Property transfer

When the original plat lines were laid out by the City of Toledo, the state owned the entire tract of land along the north side of Arlington Avenue between Detroit and Byrne. Over time, the property was sold off or re-purposed.

In 2016, major work in the old cemetery was discussed including removal of trees and construction of a pathway. A road-block to this project was that, in re-purposing the old cemetery property, part of it was transferred to TPS for the construction of Bowsher HS. This transferred property included 3 rows of burial markers on the east side of the cemetery.

After discussions with TPS, they agreed they had no use for their land which contained these burials. A surveyor was hired to stake out the current property line and put together a land transfer to make ownership of the entire cemetery under the University of Toledo. This process is ongoing but once complete will allow us to move forward with this project.

In addition to the property transfer, we also have a Bowsher HS art student helping us put together a series of signs to be located along the proposed pathway.