My family, my home, my future, bright as the sun.
Then came the pain of loss,
Death too soon taking husband and child
Shock and sadness unrelenting.
Please don’t forget me.

My country in peril.  My mission fulfilled.
Then came explosive visions of battles
That others couldn’t see,
Yet I couldn’t escape.
Please don’t forget me.

Dreams accomplished and children grown,
My thoughts became clouded
As I returned to a simpler time
And could no longer live alone.
Please don’t forget me.

Illness damaged my childhood soul
And slowed the course of my life.
Hope and future were unknown words
And knowledge of my own existence was lost forever.
Please don’t forget me.

Racing thoughts, swinging moods.
No bootstraps strong enough to pull me up.
Stability was beyond reach and
Normalcy was just a dream.
Please don’t forget me.

Fading away, loss of time, frantic trembling.
Not demons, not sin, only battles for control.  
But there was no quieting the movements
That shook my body.  
Please don’t forget me.

Bodies and minds now quieted only by death.
Isolated together forever in a field
Holding thousands of hidden lives.
Now who will mourn?
Please don’t forget me.

Jane A. Weber
November 13, 2009

A tribute to those who suffered from both physical and mental illnesses during a time when treatments were unknown, causing their admission to asylums throughout the country, often for a lifetime.

Please Don’t Forget Me