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Volunteer Work

Volunteer work last year concentrated on locating and raising new burial markers, lifting and resetting markers already raised and filling sink holes in both the Old and New Cemeteries. So far over 1260 markers have been located and raised.


If you are interested in participating in our  work days and would like to be sent a reminder closer to the dates, please contact us.


Volunteers uncovering burial markers in the Old Cemetery.


Work days for this year will run April through October. The first work days in April and May will prepare for this year’s annual Memorial Ceremony; work days after May will concentrate on the area at the back of the old cemetery.


We would like to do some archaeological work in the oldest corner of the old cemetery and have suggested to students and staff from the University of Toledo Anthropology Department that they help us with this.


For details of recent workdays, click here


TSHCRP is a grass roots organization that welcomes donations to support of our efforts to restore the State Hospital cemeteries. Tax deductible donations can be made to NAMI of Greater Toledo. For more details see our Donating page.