Naki Akrobettoe - Resurrecting Voice

Resurrecting Voice-

I do not believe that a number
can read ones favorite color
or the kind of music that quiets
their spirits in distress. And a
stone marker covered by leaves
is equivalent to a blind man
that can't foresee the future.

I dreamed that voices will carry
through green pastures as the
wind catches hold of bare truths
saturating this city of a rich history
still waiting to be discovered.

My feet walk with care, trying best
to be delicate as sweet souls rest in
peace and I can only imagine what
it is like to be hushed in both, LIFE
and in DEATH, so this poem will be
their resurrection.

My words and syllables join in a
covenant to rebuild lost lives with
honor and respect. Whether on a
sunny day in August or a blizzard
in March, I will carry the weight
of their pain and difficulties through
my poetry, and proudly I shall say
I am the voice of resurrection.


This poem was read at the dedication of the memorial at the Old Cemetery on May 15, 2010.